Inspirer of love, passionate creative and speaker to the matters of
the heart helping reveal the beauty and value you possess.

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This bejeweled foot wear harkens back to ancient times as an ordainment for women who walked barefoot through the desert sands.

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About Nefertari

Nefertari is a passionate writer, jewelry designer, beauty blogger, former model, and professional matchmaker.

In 2008, while 9 months pregnant with her 5th child, Nefertari suffered a massive heart attack caused by a SCAD at the age of 34. Since then she has dedicated her life to encouraging and educating people on all matters of the heart. Her inspiring story has been featured in magazines like Family Circle and New You. Nefertari has also made several appearances on television shows includng The Chew, World News Tonight, Dr Oz and Style Network.


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