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After surviving a rare coronary artery dissection and massive heart attack while 9 months pregnant Nefertari's has devoted her life to uplifting other Heart Patients and promoting Heart Health Awareness.

Nefertari is an active member of several heart support groups including the American Heart Association where she is an Ambassador for Go Red for Women. Her story of survival and inspiration has been featured on several websites and she has had several speaking engagements where her story has inspired many.

Nefertari lives as a disabled American. While in congestive heart failure with an ejection fraction of 35 percent she finds joy in sharing her story hoping to inspire others to "Listen to their Hearts". As a mother of 5 children Nefertari doesn't allow her heart condition to prevent her from finding the joy life has to offer. Nefertari is a jewelry designer and a columnist and has plans to release her book Fall 2012. Although she has seen her share of suffering this former Model, Miss Congeniality, teaching assistant and make up artist still has a lot to offer the world and plans to share her message of hope through her writing.


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Nefertari Nelson-Williams is a vicarious, high spirited individual who was born to very humble beginnings. After graduating from Burlington County Vocational and Technical Schools she went on to attend Mercer County Community College and then Thomas Edison State College. Concurrently she worked for the Trenton Board of Education as a Paraprofessional and served on the Social Committee for the TPA NJEA. While raising her family with her husband. Her tenure as a Paraprofessional abruptly ended when she suffered a rare coronary artery dissection and massive heart attack while nine months pregnant. Although doctors said she would not survive. She did and went on to deliver a healthy baby. Since then she has made it her mission to spread the word about the dangers of heart disease. Her accomplishment include: Heart Health Contributor/Blogger for Everyday Health,Guest Ambassador for "Go Red for Women" with the American Heart Association, Health Advocate and Blogger for Healthline.com, Feature/Cover for Heart Insight Magazine, columnist for Mended Hearts, Columnist for Boro News, she has shared her story of survival with many radio personalities and news publications. Her book is due to be released Fall 2012. Nefertari has also turned a hobby into a small business. Her passion for making jewelry has inspired her to create The Jewelry Lady a home based business that produces and distributes hand made quality wholesale jewelry to other local retailers. Her journey to spread the word about the dangers of heart disease is a work in progress and Nefertari won't stop until Heart Disease is not longer the number one killer in this country.


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