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It was Sunday, June 8th, 2008. Nine months into my fifth pregnancy, I was relaxing at home, watching some television, when it happened.

As I rolled over to get up off my deep couch I felt a pain stronger than I had ever felt before. Since this was my fifth pregnancy I knew it wasn’t labor. I rolled onto the floor but the pain disappeared and I thought it was gone for good. Although I had called the doctor, I quickly called back and said I was fine and started back to my couch. Suddenly it hit.

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Everyday Health Heart Survivor Stories - Nefertari Nelson-Williams a heart attack at 34 years old.
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My desire is to help women all over the world to be aware of one of the most deadlly diseases common to women - Heart disease. If I can help just one woman that would be great but instaed I'm hoping to touch the hearts of millions!


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Staying informed about our heart health matters! Let's stay informed together.
SCAD: A coronary artery dissection (also known as spontaneous coronary artery dissection, or SCAD) is a rare, sometimes fatal traumatic condition, with eighty percent of cases affecting women. Read More...



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Nefertari Nelson taped a
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Nefertari and her family open
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Look for Nefertari Nelson on World News Tonight with
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